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"The sufis breathe nothing but love" - Khawaja Muin Uddin Hasan Chishti

Sufi meditation upon the 99 most beautiful Names of God


Sufism is spiritual path often called the mystical, esoteric stream of Islam. Sufi meditation upon the 99 most beautiful Names of God (asmaa-al-husna) is a very powerful sufi practice meant not only to impart knowledge of how qualities associated with particular Name of God (such as peacefulness, power, moderation, generosity...) are manifested in the world and in man, but also meant to support unfoldment of these qualities in oneself. Sufis believe that during meditation upon a particular Name of God, through opening and resonating with it, we could get access to the spiritual source and to receive energy empowered by that Name. This not only helps to develop associated inner quality but also to launch positive changes in life.

Sufi mystic Gudri Shah Baba IV wrote about the 99 most beautiful Names of God "There is a singular charm, fascination and attraction in the names. They help. They assist. They uplift. They console and they elevate. They lead. They guide, and they inspire. To those broken in Spirit, they give a healing touch".

Next Sufi meditation will be on 29 of April, 2024 19:15 , in the premises of our Holistic center (map).

Meditations are free.


How to dress and what to bring?

 Clothing - loose and comfortable clothes. It is advisable to bring a small clean white piece of material about 60 x 60 cm size for sitting on it. Sufism emphasizes inner purity and cleanliness, and white colour symbolizes these particular qualities.

Do I need to pre-register?

No, registration is not necessary. Please inform us if you plan to attend (by sms or e-mail, contacts), but that is not a prerequisite.

Are there any restrictions on who can participate?

Participation is open to anyone, regardless of experience in meditation, as well as religion or belief.

If Sufism is the mystical current of Islam, will I be pushed towards becoming a muslim?

 There will be no interference with the participants' religious beliefs, or attempts to change them. In Sufism, all existence is perceived as having a spiritual dimension and a higher spiritual consciousness permeated the world, dynamically operating in it, and all worldly manifestations are dependent on that higher spiritual consciousness.

Inam Hasan Gudri Shah, the head of Gudri Shahi Sufi order, when asked whether Sufism is only for muslims, said: "No, Sufism is like a tavern with free entry to anyone who wishes to get the free wine of Tauheed (Unity of God).
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