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Individual yoga classes in Vilnius

I provide individual yoga classes in the center of Vilnius. Each individual yoga class would be designed specifically for your needs and abilities so that after it you would feel your body, emotional state and mind refreshed, energized and balanced. My experience shows that this is achieved most effectively through the balance of active and calming practices and adjusting yoga practice to your dosha type (dosha is psychophysical structure of personality as seen in yoga and ayurveda).

Each individual yoga class involves these parts:

  • whole body warm-up (dynamic kundalini yoga, sukshma vyayama exercises);
  • pranayama (breathing exercises) and sometimes short guided meditation;
  • static yoga poses (classical hatha yoga asanas);
  • deep relaxation (savasana).

At the beginning of the first class we would spend around 15 min to discuss your expectations, needs, any physical or emotional problems which you might like to solve or minimize with the help of yoga.

During the private yoga class you will have my full attention and will be able to ask questions, to share your thoughts and experiences. You will be encouraged to feel your body, notice any tensions and release them. Open, relaxed emotional state, correct breathing and mindfulness during the practice are very important to get the most benefit from yoga.


Wear loose comfortable clothes.
If possible stomach and bowels should be empty when doing yoga.
Leave 1-2 hours after a light meal and 3-4 hours after a heavy meal before practising Yoga.You may have a light snack not closer than 1 hour before class if blood sugar levels are an issue.Avoid alcohol and drugs before class as well as caffeine drinks.

Languages - English, Russian, Lithuanian.
My recommended duration of an individual yoga class - 90 min.; 1 hour sessions are also possible.

Prices for a single person, or if you would like to come with friends are shown below.


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

60 min.

€ 35

€ 25

€ 20

90 min.

€ 45

€ 35

€ 40

Discounts: 10% discount if advance payment for 10 yoga sessions is done.
Yoga classes are non-religious.

Address: Kalvarijų g. 6B, Vilnius, Lithuania. Map

Individual Meditation classes or anxiety/panic therapy are available.

If you have questions or would like to book individual classes, just write me at .

My experience and studies


  • Studies of Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo.
  • Leading of yoga groups since 1987 m.
  • Yoga therapy studies and practice.
  • Conducted more than 5000 individual yoga classes.

Diploma in Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis therapy, leading of psychosynthesis groups.


Initiated into Gudri Shahi sufi order (Ajmer, India).


  • Tai chi, Zhong Yuan Qigong;
  • Meditation and spiritual practices of Yoga, Sufism, Zazen;
  • Contemporary holistic mind-body therapies: Reiki, EFT, therapeutic visualization;
  • Studies and workshops: Re-evaluation councelling, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Transpersonal, Existential and Gestalt psychotherapies.

Naujienlaiškio prenumerata 

Gaukite naujausią informaciją apie mūsų meditacijos, jogos ir terapinių grupių ar seminarų datas. Užsisakius naujienlaiškį gaunate teisę nemokamai 15 min konsultacijai. 

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